Ukrainian company PROF1 Group has developed its modern version of the legendary mountain windproof suit that is made of canvas cloth, kindly called by the people «Hillock.» The company has produced a light jacket and pants similar to Mount Trac MK-2 set by using a modern high quality rip-stop material Profit-on, which contains 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The material fully corresponds to the military NATO standards, easily camouflages in the infrared light spectrum and allows a comfortable use of the set in summer, early autumn and late spring.


P1G-Tac Mount Trac MK-2 set comes in black elastic packaging sacks made of synthetic material and ties for fixing. The jacket and pants set are packed separately, by which I was positively surprised. There are printed labels on the sacks with the logo of the P1G-Tac brand and a sticker with full description of its contents, the color of the item and its size. I chose a set in sandy (coyote) color, the color of the item has reminded me about Nomex coverall summer suit.


Manufacturing quality of both elements of the set is at a very high level. One can see with the naked eye that the clothes were created by taking into the account daily usage in the field. Durable hardwearing materials and fittings were supplied by YKK. Places of increased wear are strengthened; the elbows and knees are strengthened by the sections with velcro fastening.

Naturally, the first thing that catches your eye while having a good look at the pants is a design of side and back patch pockets, which are quite voluminous. side pockets are shifted forward; the valves are located under the angle and are locked on velcro. This arrangement allows without superfluous motions to gain access to the pockets while in a sitting position, for example, sitting in a car seat. A knife with a fixed blade and a case with a total length of 230 mm, vertically fully fit in the pocket, and did not hide the movements and what’s interesting the knife remained in its original position.


The design of the back patch pockets surprised me, the volume is bigger than loin pockets, and in practice such a unique design proved to be very convenient for easy access to contents and removes the risk of crushing the contents of the pocket under the weight of the body. Between the loin and back pockets there is located a crank for tightening the neck of the both pockets, such tightening prevents the loss of the contents and allows you to use the pockets as cartridge pouch to reset the magazines, tucking in the valve inside. Both pockets are enough to put up to three AK magazines or four of the AR series.


Mount Trac MK-2 jacket, judging by the thinness and light weight, can be safely attributed to the universal naval jacket with high collar, structurally resembling ACU. The jacket sits freely, movements are not restricted, and its length does not restrict the access to the pockets of mountain pants.


The jacket is zipped with a zipper and velcro, below the jacket there are ties to adjust the volume. Chest pockets of the mountain jacket are very voluminous, their capacity is enough not only to carry hats, gloves, papers, cards and other personal items, but also to accommodate 4-5 empty magazines of AK or AR series. The sleeves are strengthened, have loose style and are fixed with velcro fastening cuffs. There are also set-in pockets on the zipper, which is located in the shoulder area. They are used to for fastening patches, which can be hidden with a lining.


To draw a line to all the above, my impression of the P1G-Tac Mount Trac MK-2 mountain suit, manufactured by PROF1 Group is very positive. I liked the suit by its quality and original design, the overall functionality and convenience. It is also worth mentioning that an exceptional level of comfort and a unique multifunctionality of the Mount Trac MK-2 set were marked by special divisions of the leading operators of Ukraine. Summer mountain jacket Mount Trac MK-2 will cost $66, mountain pants Mount Trac MK-2 will cost $59, except the sandy color, and the mountain suit is available in camouflage A-TACS and MultiCam.

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