American brand North Mountain Gear, which specializes in various camouflage equipment for hunters, recently introduced several products in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Mossy Oak Greenleaf colorways, including new anorak jackets with 3D Leafy camouflage technology. New models of jackets, in addition to different camouflage colors, are offered in two versions Standard and Premium, which differ from each other by the type of main mesh.


The new Mossy Oak 3D Leafy Pullover Jackets, which build on last year’s Mossy Oak Diffusion Pullovers, feature a two-layer construction consisting of an inner mesh layer and an outer camouflage layer made of laminated and silent fabric. The Standard versions use the usual thin and well-ventilated mosquito net, while the Premium models use a denser perforated material.


The overall design of the Mossy Oak 3D Leafy Pullover jackets, regardless of version and color choice, is identical and features a large adjustable hood, puffed sleeves with elasticated cuffs, a low back, volume adjustments at the hem and a front mid-chest zip closure. The design provides only one general purpose pocket, which is located frontally and has an increased volume.


The base versions of the Mossy Oak Bottomland/Greenleaf 3D Leafy Pullover camouflage jackets are priced at almost $95, while the premium versions cost $5 more, regardless of color choice. It is possible to order new items only through the official website of the manufacturer.


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