American brand Hill People Gear recently released a new version of its HPG Mountain Serape insulated poncho, the original model of which appeared back in 2011. The HPG Mountain Serape Medium poncho is a smaller, more roomy and lighter version of the original, while keeping the materials used and the overall versatility of the product unchanged..


The outer fabric and lining of the poncho is made of rip-stop nylon with a total density of not more than 70 denier, the outer layer is treated with a special water-repellent impregnation. Primaloft synthetic insulation with a declared density of 68 grams per square meter is used as a heat-insulating filler. The poncho is completed with two-way zippers from YKK and plastic fittings from ITW Nexus.


The design of the HPG Mountain Serape Medium allows it to be used in a variety of configurations. In addition to the basic version — an insulated poncho, the product can be transformed into a long coat-jacket, an ordinary separate or a sleeping bag, which is suitable for use at temperatures not lower than -6C. The total weight of the insulated poncho is about 998 grams, which is almost 150 grams lighter than the basic version. The maximum length of the poncho is 2.03 meters, the width is almost 1.5 meters.


At this stage, the HPG Mountain Serape Medium Insulated Poncho is only available in Ranger Green and the MultiCam/Ranger Green combo at $207 and $227 respectively, excluding shipping.


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