The history of the founding of the American company Nalgene begins in 1949 as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and plastic components. In 1972, a new successful turn in the development of the enterprise takes place, various plastic containers for carrying liquids are launched into production, mainly for transporting individual water supplies in the field.


Along with the usual sports bottles and containers, the company also produces a camping flask called the Nalgene Oasis. This item is exactly the same design as the quart US Army flask, with an approximate capacity of up to 950 ml. Many of us love these flasks for their light weight, well-designed design that allows them to be worn comfortably on a belt or attached to any compatible gear. In addition, the army flask is equipped with a small camping pot, which allows you to cook or warm up, as well as conveniently eat food in the field.


Comparing the 1 liter Oasis flask with the classic, there are slight differences in size, the Nalgene Oasis is slightly taller and wider, measuring 220mm high, 130mm wide and 80mm thick. But this does not interfere with compatibility with all standard US Army canteen pouches, as well as third-party pouches. Yet the main difference lies only in the fact that it is made of translucent BPA free Eastman Tritan plastic. This material, according to the manufacturer, does not absorb the smells of poured drinks, is durable and wear-resistant, easily processed, withstands high temperatures, and, what is very important, does not contain chemicals harmful to the human body.


Compact and flat enough, it is suitable for carrying inside backpacks and bags. The flat bottom allows you to put the bottle on flat surfaces. The Oasis flask is dishwasher safe. A convenient neck with a diameter of 29 mm allows you to comfortably collect and drink water, and does not require additional accessories, such as a drinking bowl or a non-spill bottle, which is not found in simple plastic bottles of the Nalgene Every Day series. The plastic lid of the flask excludes any leakage of liquid, in order to avoid loss, the lid is additionally fastened with a special plastic loop.


The flask was purchased in the US from your local Eastern Mountain Sports store for $7.95, Nalgene’s official website only offers the flask in grey, blue and red, OD Green and Coyote are also available.

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