The Block Go Bag is the latest addition to the Portable/Carry range of backpacks and bags from BLACKHAWK!. The design of a small backpack allows you to adapt it to any task, whether it is an emergency backpack, a backpack of a military medic or an ordinary tourist. The main feature of the novelty is in seven different-sized pouches insidewhich are fastened with Velcro. Seven zippered mesh pouches allow you to conveniently sort your gear and quickly retrieve it when needed.


The backpack itself is made of Cordura, the design provides only two compartments with external access. For carrying it is possible to use both reinforced nylon handles and removable shoulder straps. The main compartment is covered on the inside with PALS straps with a Velcro profile, which allows you to fix both the above-mentioned pouches and any MOLLE equipment. The Block Go Bag is available in all popular colors and MultiCam camo, the recommended price for a solid bag is $190, with a camouflage pattern — $200.


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