In the third and final article (first, second part) about the new folding knives of the CRKT trademark (Columbia River Knife & Tool), which will go on free sale in the first weeks of 2020, we will touch on new design works from such famous masters as Eric Ochs, Mary Jane Lerch, Brian Tighe and Ryan Johnson, founder of RMJ Tactical. New models include Chehalem, Burnout, BT Fighter and Gulf, respectively..


In all presented models, the folding blade will be made using high carbon steel grade 8Cr13MoV (58-60 HRC). To remove the blade in the Burnout and Gulf models, only steel pegs are provided, while the blades are fixed with a steel lock such as Frame-Lock and Liner-Lock, respectively. The Chehalem has a hole at the base and a Frame-Lock in 2Cr13 steel. BT Fighter knives use a push-button blade locking mechanism, and both pegs and a flipper are provided for its extraction.


The Gulf model handle has a relatively classic design, created by a combination of steel liners and G10 grips. The Burnout model uses a combination of a steel lock (3Cr13) and a combined G10 and carbon polymer escutcheon. The BT Fighter’s perforated handle uses steel liners and textured fiberglass reinforced nylon grips. In turn, the handle of the Chehalem folding pocket knife is made entirely of steel (2Cr13).


Folding knives Burnout and BT Fighter will be priced at almost $80. A small Chehalem knife will cost no more than $45, while an everyday knife called Gulf will cost $100. It is also worth noting that the BT Fighter model will also be available in a more compact version — BT Fighter Compact, with a 72.54 mm drop-point blade.

Name Chehalem Burnout
Blade materials 8Cr13MoV 8Cr13MoV
Handle materials 2Cr13 3Cr13/G10
Full length 161.93 mm 220.68 mm
Handle length 93.14 mm 126.77 mm
Blade length 70.33 mm 92.96 mm
Blade thickness 3.25mm 3.73 mm
The weight 107.73 g 136.08 g
lock type frame lock frame lock
Designer Eric Ochs MJ Lerch
MSRP $44.99 $79.99
Name BT Fighter gulf
Blade materials 8Cr13MoV 8Cr13MoV
Handle materials GRN G10
Full length 225.43 mm 242.9 mm
Handle length 130.71 mm 140.08 mm
Blade length 92.46 mm 103.61 mm
Blade thickness 3.23 mm 3.2 mm
The weight 141.75 g 223.96 g
lock type Button Lock Liner Lock
Designer Brian Tighe Ryan Johnson
MSRP $79.99 $99.99

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