In the coming years, the American knife brand Buck Knives will release two new series of folding pocket knives, which are based on the legendary and well-recognized 110th model. The announced series will be commercially named Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter and Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter Pro. Between themselves, the series will differ only in the materials of both the blade and the overlays on the handle, the overall dimensions are identical.


The blade in the knives of the Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter series is made of 420HC stainless steel, the hardness of which corresponds to 58-60 units on the HRC scale. In the more expensive Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter Pro models, CPM S30V martensitic powder steel with a declared hardness of 59-61 HRC is used to create the blade. The grip pads on the basic versions will be made of glass-reinforced nylon, while the Pro versions will use Micarta and G10.


To extract the blade, which has the shape of the Clip-Point type, only ordinary pegs are provided, the blade is fixed with a Back Lock type lock. The total length of the open knife does not exceed 219 mm, the folded length is exactly 124 mm, the blade length is 95 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is slightly more than 3 mm. The weight of the base model is about 80 grams, the weight of the Pro versions does not exceed 85 grams.


At this stage, four color versions (Red, Blue, Black, Chartreuse) are planned for the Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter series, with a suggested price of around $42. The premium Buck 110 Slim Folding Hunter Pro models will be available in three finishes (Black G10, Green Micarta, Brown Micarta) for under $110 USD. Large specialized stores are already accepting pre-orders at a price no higher than $27 and $90, respectively.


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