Following the recently introduced Superday Pack and 2200 Pack, Badlands has announced in a new Approach hunting colorway, in addition to a few highly specialized accessories, the already well-known daily backpack Pursuit Day Pack, an updated Monster Hunting Fanny Pack, and an all-new Diablo backpack. Dos with Hypervent Suspension.


The presented novelties, including the Monster Hunting Fanny Pack RPS, are made using a «silent», waterproof and durable synthetic material KXO-32, which is reinforced in places of increased wear with a layer of durable Hypalon polyethylene elastomer, complemented by a nylon edging with yellow Kevlar thread stitching. The bottom of the backpacks is reinforced with a dense layer of ballistic nylon. Zippers and plastic fittings are made by YKK.


Daily assault backpack Pursuit Day Pack (50 x 38 x 20 cm, 879 g) with a useful volume of up to 25 liters has five compartments, including the main compartment with a compartment for a 3-liter drinking system, and two small open pockets on the sides. This backpack model uses the AirTrack suspension system, which consists of adjustable shoulder straps with a sternum bar and a ventilated back with molded foam inserts.


The Diablo Dos backpack (58 x 33 x 30 cm, 1.93 kg) stands out primarily for its new Hypervent suspension system, which has an increased level of ventilation. Made with a combination of nylon mesh, foam inserts and molded aluminum arches. The backpack with a total usable volume of about 34 liters, has seven separate compartments with external access, as well as a small pocket for placing an external suspension for long weapons or a bow, which is paired with external compression straps.


The design of the Monster Hunting Fanny Pack (38 x 23 x 18 cm, 1.19 kg) features adjustable shoulder straps, flexible fiberglass Delron Flex-Frame, molded foam inserts, quick-drying and breathable mesh that forms a snug fit. side of the RPS. This piece of equipment has seven different-sized compartments, including a compartment for a drinking system up to 1 liter. The total useful volume of the RPS is at least 18 liters, the volume of the main compartment is almost 7 liters.

Free sales of the Pursuit Day Pack and Diablo Dos backpacks, as well as the Monster Hunting Fanny Pack RPS in the new Badlands Approach camouflage coloring, should start in two weeks. The cost of the presented backpacks is 100 and 200 dollars, the order of the RPS will cost 140 dollars.

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