Among the latest releases from Magnum by Böker, which is considered the budget line of the well-known German knife company Böker, was the introduction of a pocket knife for everyday use, called the Magnum India Romeo (01RY224). The knife stands out among the latest novelties with the original handle design, which in general consists of six parts, and outwardly resembles a forked insect wing..


The blade of the Magnum India Romeo folding knife is made of 440A stainless steel with a hardness rating of 56 HRC. The blade is fixed with a classic Liner-Lock type lock; for faster and more comfortable extraction, a spring closer is provided. The handle of the knife, in addition to steel plates, at the end of which holes for the lanyard are made, is formed by four textured overlays made of G10 material. The total length of the open knife is not less than 185 mm, the length of the blade is 80 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt does not exceed 2.7 mm. The total weight is 106 grams.


The new Magnum India Romeo Pocket Knife (01RY224) is only available in one full black colorway and currently has a suggested retail price of €20. Some stores offer a novelty at a price of 15-17 euros.

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