The Gerber Gear brand has about a dozen new products planned for this year in various categories, including relatively inexpensive folding knives for everyday use. The list of new models includes Airlift, Index, Paralite, One-Flip and Haul, which is distinguished by the presence of a spring closer. The novelties are similar to each other only with blade materials and some minor design elements of the handle, in all other respects the knives are completely different.


For the manufacture of the blade, relatively inexpensive Chinese steel of the 5Cr15Mov brand is used, which is characterized by a fairly high level of corrosion resistance, has acceptable wear resistance and hardness. The maximum hardness of the steel used is declared within 55-58 HRC. To remove the blade in the Airlift, Paralite and Haul models, only pegs are used on both sides of the blade, in the Index and One-Flip versions, the pegs are supplemented with a flipper.


The skeletal handle of the Airlift and Paralite knives is formed by a stainless steel escutcheon and Frame-Lock lock. The Index and One-Flip models have anodized aluminum overlays, which are complemented by Liner-Lock lock liners. The handle of the Haul folding knife is made of textured fiberglass reinforced nylon and has a Plunge-Lock push-button lock to lock the blade.


The total length of the Airlift model is almost 178 mm, the blade length is only 71 mm. The length of the opened Paralite knife is about 181 mm, the length of the blade is 76 mm. The Index model, when opened, reaches almost 200 mm in length, the length of the blade itself is slightly more than 84 mm. The One-Flip folding knife has an overall length of 197mm when opened, with a blade length of 83mm. The length of the Haul model is 202 mm, the length of the blade is slightly more than 79 mm. The maximum thickness of the blade on the butt in all the presented models does not exceed 3.2 mm.


Free sales of the presented models of Gerber Gear folding knives should begin next month. The Airlift and Paralite versions are priced at $20, the One-Flip and Index models at $30 and $35 respectively. The Haul knife is the most expensive knife on the list, with a suggested retail price of almost $40.


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