The popular manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing, the Puma brand, has announced for 2020 a new line of shoes with Fit Intelligence (Fi) auto-lacing technology, which is based on the Ignite Disc and Auto Disc systems, the latter has not gone beyond the prototype. Puma Self-Lacing Training Shoe Fi is among the first products in the new line, designed primarily for indoor and outdoor training and relatively easy running..


The Fit Intelligence system is a small electronic device that allows you to quickly tighten the «laces» in the form of thin and light cables almost automatically. The system adapts to different types of activity and directly to the physiological characteristics of the wearer’s foot, automatically adjusting the level of tightening of the laces. The compression level can be adjusted by touching the device itself. In addition, a special application on a smartphone and watches, such as Apple Watch, will allow you to make the adjustment more accurate.

The first Puma Self-Lacing Training Shoe Fi with Fit Intelligence is expected to go on sale in spring 2020, with an estimated cost of around $330.



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