Hardcore Hardware Australia has released a video of their new product, the Hardcore Hardware LFT01 Plataxe, an ax that was exclusively designed for Platatac. The LFT01 Plataxe battle ax is designed as a multi-tasking tool and melee weapon. It has a smaller weight and size, unlike Hardcore Hardware BFT01, the total weight of the ax is 900 gramsthe length of the cutting edge is 320 mm, the thickness on the butt is at least 8 mm and the thickness of the spike is 26 mm.

Just like the BFT01, the LFT01 Plataxe is made of D2 tool steel with a full black Teflon coating, the handle is formed by two G10 material grips, which are available in a choice of black and sandy colors. In the delivery set, in addition to the Plataxe ax itself, a sheath made of nylon material of the brand Cordura and thermoplastic Kydex is sold, the total price of the complete set is $349.


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