The NikeLab sports line, under which various original developments in sports shoes and clothing are traditionally produced, this week was replenished with a new model of NikeLab Payaa sports sneakers. According to the designers, when creating new sneakers, traditional boots (payaaqek, kaamget) made from the skin of pinnipeds, which were used by the native people of Alaska, became a key source of inspiration..


The new sneaker features a lightweight, stretchy, breathable and form-fitting upper that features a tiered mesh structure and is made from a synthetic blend. The neckline consists of an elastic rim and soft, supportive foam inserts. The inside of the shoe is also made of a breathable mesh material and is complemented by a thick leather insole.


The NikeLab Payaa outsole expands from toe to heel for a unique look and lateral support. The flexible sole, which has integrated arch support, is made of a layer of TPU and shock-absorbing EVA foam of different densities. The total weight of the shoes is not specified.


The NikeLab Payaa Athletic Shoe is now available to order in six solid color options for both men’s and women’s, and has a suggested retail price of $100.


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