The Italian shoe company Tecnica, which made a splash in 2017 with the introduction of the Tecnica Forge line of hiking shoes with Custom Adaptive Shape (CAS) adaptive technology, will continue its development in this direction in 2020, but this time it will affect the category of hiking and trail running shoes. rough terrain. The new line will be commercially called Tecnica Origin Trail Running Shoes and will initially consist of men’s and women’s running shoes, which will be divided into two series Origin LT and Origin XT.


The new Origin LT and Origin XT running shoes were designed for foothill and mountain terrain. Between themselves, the models differ only in the density and design of the upper part of polyester materials, as well as the thickness of the intermediate layer. On the Origin XT version, the upper is tighter with more lateral support, while the midsole aims to increase overall comfort and protection, as well as higher levels of vertical load compensation, while traversing rough terrain with difficult terrain.


As in the case of boots, Tecnica Origin series sneakers include special elements in their design, including internal insoles, which, thanks to CAS technology, allow you to most accurately adapt the shape of the shoe, based on the physiological characteristics of the wearer, including weight. The entire procedure will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Both models are built on a Vibram outsole with grippy, durable MegaGrip compound, which is complemented by foam cushioning and a flexible TPU shank. The height difference between the heel and toe in both models does not exceed 9-10 mm, while in the Origin LT the height of the heel and toe is 19 and 9 mm, and in the Origin XT it is at least 22 and 12 mm. The average weight of a men’s pair of sneakers is about 590 grams.


The new adaptive Tecnica Origin Trail Running Shoes will go on sale in spring 2020 and will be available in both men’s and women’s models in a variety of colorways. According to preliminary data, the recommended retail price will start at $170.


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