In mid-2013, the Gerber Gear brand introduced a new line of knives and tools Gerber Moment, which has become part of the hunting collection, standing out with a variety of cutting tools at a reasonable price. To date, the line has no less than eight products, including a rib expander and a bone saw, the base product of Gerber Moment is still the Moment Fixed Blade knife with a Drop Point shaped fixed blade, which for some reason did not retain its original sub-finger notch design at the base of the blade.

The knife has been tested for a month both in the kitchen and in the field, mainly for cleaning and sharpening small pegs, as well as cutting food, including carcass cutting. The knife was supplied in a regular cardboard-plastic package, a molded sheath and a small silicone «plug» for the blade tip were supplied with the knife.


I would like to note right away that the knife is very well balanced, fits comfortably in the hand, it is pleasant to work with it, performing tasks in different directions, from rough sharpening of wood to accurate skinning. The general workmanship is high, there is no visible defect, both on the knife (the linings fit evenly, without gaps, the coating on the blade is not damaged), and on the sheath (the locking button works properly, there are protruding threads, the firmware is imperfect, but without breaks ).

The Gerber Moment Fixed Blade knife has a full-tail design, the blade is made of a single piece of Chinese 5Cr15Mov stainless steel with a declared hardness in the range of 55-58 HRC. According to the company, 5Cr15Mov contains: carbon (C) — 0.56%, chromium (Cr) — 15.07%, silicon (Si) — 0.48%, manganese (Mn) — 0.32%, nickel (Ni) — 0.14%, vanadium (V) — 0.30%, molybdenum (Mo) — 0.5%, phosphorus (P) — 0.028% and sulfur (S) — 0.014%. In fact, the blade keeps sharpening quite well, it is easy and quick to sharpen in the field, it does not rust or oxidize when cutting products.


The convenient ergonomic handle of the knife is formed by two removable textured thick rubber pads, which are fixed with two pairs of torx bolts. The pads do not have deep gaps and recesses where dirt, grease, blood, etc. could go, they wash well and dry quickly. The disadvantages include that the linings themselves quickly lose their appearance, are peeled off and clogged with dust.


The total length of the knife is 220 mm, the length of the blade is 90 mm, the length of the cutting edge is almost 100 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt is about 3.5 mm. Handle length 113 mm, maximum thickness 23 mm, minimum thickness only 9 mm. The design of the handle provides for an oblong hole for a lanyard, the dimensions of the hole are 10 x 4 mm. The weight of the knife is almost 160 grams, the total weight with the sheath is at least 210 grams.

The Gerber Moment Fixed Blade sheath has a three-component structure — the outer rather dense nylon with sheathing is complemented on the inside by flexible plastic and a hard plastic holder. The design of the scabbard provides only for wearing on a belt, pulls the belt through a 5 cm loop. As for me, these scabbards, on which they decided to save money, have an unsuccessful design. First, the carry loop doesn’t feel secure, especially the stitching that secures it. Secondly, the knife does not close «tightly», only a loop on a metal button keeps it from falling out, besides this, the knife does not sit tightly, and when walking or running fast, it starts to produce unnecessary noise. And finally, thirdly, this is the locking button itself, which can be easily unfastened with a hook against movement, which in the end can lead to the loss of the knife.

The Gerber Moment Fixed Blade review knife was ordered from the Tactical Gear online store for an estimated order value of $34. The availability and cost of placing an order must first be clarified with the store manager.

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