The Undercover Pistol Bag Mk-2 (UPB Mk-2) is a modified version of the Undercover Pistol Bag (UPB) from the Ukrainian brand P1G-Tac. It seemed to me that the main differences between the UPB Mk-2 and the UPB are in the increased volume of the main compartment and the weapon compartment, in expanding the functionality of the latter, as well as adding a shoulder strap, which automatically transferred the hip bag to the rank of shoulder bags. Despite the fact that the UPB Mk-2 is positioned as a bag for operatives and owners of short-barreled self-defense weapons, it is quite possible to use it for ordinary everyday purposes, not related to weapons or as a «alarm bag».

With a variety of adjustable straps, the UPB Mk-2 bag can be worn in more than four ways, including regular shoulder, hip, waist, or hand, by shortening the shoulder strap and securing it with two small Velcro straps designed to for attaching the bag to the belt. Maximum immobility can be achieved by securing the bag at the same time on the shoulder, waist and two straps on the thigh. In total, there are two removable belt clips, one removable shoulder strap and two hip straps. Unfortunately, among the hip straps, only one of them is removable, which is located at the bottom. If unnecessary, the upper strap can be completely cut off without harming the structure, or by removing the buckles, fix it with electrical tape. Carrying a loaded bag, fastening it exclusively on the thigh, is not convenient; you can’t do without a belt fastener or shoulder strap.

The UPB Mk-2 bag is made entirely of 1000 denier Cordura, zippers and plastic hardware from YKK. The side of the bag adjacent to the body is covered with a mesh material, under the mesh there is a soft polyurethane pad 5 mm thick. The design of the bag, in addition to the main compartment and compartment for weapons, provides for three utility pouches with a zipper, one small open pocket and one zipped pocket on the top flap on the outside. Side pouches fit well under a first aid kit, a small bottle of water or brakes. If necessary, the number of pouches can be increased by sewn PALS lines.


Naturally, the key feature of the UPB Mk-2 bag is its weapon compartment (height — 28 cm, maximum width — 24 cm, minimum width — 18 cm, thickness — 4 cm), which, compared to UPB, slightly added in size and was supplemented with five elastic rubber bands for fixing magazines, knives, multi-tools, flashlights, etc. In addition, an additional Velcro strap is provided for attaching longer elements, it can be an elongated pistol magazine, a submachine gun magazine, a silencer, a knife with a long blade or a long flashlight. The compartment is fastened with a zipper with two runners; for quick opening, you can use specially sewn straps for the left or right hand. In addition to concealed carrying weapons, this compartment can be used to carry documents, small tablets or netbooks, in addition, it perfectly accommodates a dry pack.


The main compartment is closed from the outside with a wide flap on a plastic buckle, the space between the flap and the compartment can be used to accommodate a jacket. The compartment itself in the upper part is pulled together with a cord, the approximate volume of the compartment is 5 liters. To give a more compact look to the bag, the volume of the main compartment can be reduced by almost half, due to the adjustable tie, which is attached to the valve. The compartment fits the Mount Trac MK-2 Jacket perfectly, while still providing plenty of room for goggles, a cap and gloves.


As you can see, the P1G-Tac UPB Mk-2 bag has a fairly wide scope, regardless of profession and hobbies, it can be adjusted to various types of tasks, be it an emergency bag, a bag for daily trips to a robot (institute) or, for example, a gas mask bag with a set of filters and a compartment for carrying weapons.

The P1G-Tac Undercover Pistol Bag Mk-2 is available for purchase in the PROF1 Group stores, in A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG camouflage colors, as well as in solid sand and black. The cost of the bag is $62. Below is a video review of the product from Konstantin Lesnik.

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