The Australian manufacturer of military tactical equipment, Platatac, has introduced a new universal set of platform equipment Platatac CRABS Chest Rig Kit (Chicom Rifle and Bombs), which is based on the chest of the CRABS Chest Rig series. In total, the set includes seven elements — this is the chest platform itself with pouches, additional side pouches, various elements of the suspension system, as well as a separate transport case.


The CRABS Chest Rig Universal Platform Chest Rig and its accessories, which can be used alone using H and X straps or bundled with different chest models, are made exclusively from military specification materials. Durable and waterproof nylon from the Cordura brand with a declared density of no more than 500 denier was chosen as the main material. All specified plastic parts are made by ITW Nexus.


Structurally, the bib provides five integrated pouches for rifle magazines, two pouches for pistol magazines, or other accessories of the appropriate size, and one small general-purpose cargo pouch. If necessary, the functionality of the bib can be expanded both due to two additional open pouches included in the kit, and using the standard MOLLE fastening system.


At the moment, the Platatac CRABS Chest Rig Kit is offered in three colors to choose from (Black, Coyote Brown Khaki, MultiCam) and is estimated by the manufacturer from $139, excluding shipping.


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