Platatac, a large Australian trading network that specializes exclusively in the sale of military tactical products and also promotes its own thematic developments, today announced a new model of the Platatac Z-Pack (Z Alice Pack) patrol backpack. The presented novelty is partly based on last year’s Mac Alice Pack, and is also based on the ability to use external standard frames such as Alice (LC-1 Field Pack Frame) and DEI 1606 Airborne Assault Frame.


In fact, the raid backpack Z-Pack, with a total weight of no more than 2.6 kg, is a lighter and more low-profile version of the Mac Alice Pack, which is devoid of external cargo pouches. Instead, the outer side of the backpack is almost completely covered with standard PALS-slings, which allows you to independently adjust the number, as well as the size and type of pouches needed.

In addition to the PALS mooring tapes and compression straps, the Platatac Z-Pack features a two-compartment removable top compartment, one 6-liter utility compartment (70 x 320 x 270 mm) at the bottom of the backpack and two external fully removable 2.31-liter pouches (220 x 150 x 70 mm) with external flap with plastic fastener. Inside the main 45-litre compartment (500 x 350 x 260 mm) with a roll-up opening, there is a wide pouch for the hydration system and a number of zippered mesh pockets.


The backpack is made using mainly ballistic nylon with a claimed density of no more than 500 denier. All plastic hardware is exclusively from ITW Nexus, military specification zippers from YKK. The suspension system is not provided in the basic kit, if necessary, the frame and shoulder straps with a load belt can be purchased separately.


At this stage, the presented Platatac Z-Pack (Z Alice Pack) patrol backpack is offered by the manufacturer in only one solid color option (Ranger Green), the backpack is priced at $ 290.

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