Polar has unveiled a new collection of Polar Vantage multisport GPS watches, featuring over 130 different training programs and a new, more sensitive heart rate monitor. The collection initially presented two versions — this is the basic Polar Vantage M model and the Polar Vantage V model for professional athletes. The models differ from each other both in some design elements and in the functional set.


Polar Vantage M (46 x 46 x 12.5mm, 45g) features a sealed (WR30) polymer and steel case, 1.2″ TFT color display (240 x 240 dots), 230mAh Li-polymer battery (up to 30 hours in training mode), GPS module (GPS, GLONASS), wrist-based heart rate transmitter (Polar Precision Prime), Bluetooth module and a dedicated USB port for charging and data transfer. The watch includes a daily activity and sleep tracking system, as well as 130 sports programs (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) with the ability to take into account speed, intensity, distance, number of laps and heart rate (average heart rate, maximum heart rate, maximum training Effect).

The more expensive professional version of Polar Vantage V (46 x 46 x 13 mm, 66 g), which will include all the features of the basic version, is mainly distinguished by the presence of a touch screen, built-in barometric pressure sensor, increased battery capacity (up to 40 hours in training mode) , as well as monitoring systems Recovery Pro and Running Power. The first system allows you to monitor the loads, eliminates overtraining and will let you know when the body is fully restored. The second one measures the maximum kinetic energy of an athlete in various types of running.


The Polar Vantage series of multisport watches will be available in a variety of styles, with the addition of the Vantage M version with a quick-change strap option. Pre-orders can be made today, the Vantage M and Vantage V watches are estimated by the manufacturer at 280 and 500 euros, respectively.

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