This month, the Fenix ​​brand started official sales of three new products at once in the category of rechargeable rechargeable flashlights — the Fenix ​​RC09, Fenix ​​RC09TI and Fenix ​​RC11 models. The presented LED flashlights are made in the same style and use identical technologies, differ in overall dimensions, weight, battery version, its capacity, as well as the total power of the LED..


Fenix ​​RC09 and Fenix ​​RC11 flashlights are made in a sealed case made of anodized aluminum, the body of the Fenix ​​RC09TI version is made of titanium alloy. The LED is protected by a durable glass with an anti-reflective coating. The case, according to the manufacturer, ensures the operability of devices after falling onto a hard surface from a height of one and a half meters and after immersion in water to a depth of two meters. The overall dimensions of the Fenix ​​RC09 and Fenix ​​RC09TI models are absolutely identical, they are 72 mm long and 21.5 mm in diameter, weight without battery does not exceed 45 grams. The Fenix ​​RC11 version measures 113.5mm long and 29.5mm in diameter, weighing exactly 70 grams.


All three models use the same brand of LED — Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The maximum brightness of the LED in the Fenix ​​RC09 and Fenix ​​RC09TI models does not exceed 550 lumens, and the glow range is 115 meters. In Fenix ​​RC11, the maximum declared brightness is exactly 1000 lumens and the range is 190 meters. The operation of the devices is provided by lithium-ion batteries of the 16340 and 18650 formats, the duration of operation in the brightest Turbo mode (there are only five modes, and a separate strobe mode) is 35 and 80 minutes, respectively.


For charging, a new universal USB cable is provided, in the design of which, in addition to the standard MicroUSB port, there is an LED indicator of the charging process, as well as a separate magnetic connector for convenient charging of the presented LED lights.


The new LED Fenix ​​RC09 and Fenix ​​RC11 are priced at $80 and $65, while the titanium version of the Fenix ​​RC09TI stands out as a limited edition and will cost around $100. Each flashlight comes with a user manual, battery, USB cable, clip, spare rubber seals and a transport case.

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