The American trademark Real Avid opened the season with the release of about twenty new products, among which, first of all, the new Real Avid Gun Tool Max multi-tool should be singled out. The novelty, according to the developers, combines at least 37 functions that are aimed primarily at servicing firearms, whether it be a small-caliber carbine, a smooth-bore pump-action shotgun, or a 9 mm caliber pistol.


All provided tools are mainly made of hardened tool steel, steel grade is not specified. The blade of the included knife is made of 440 stainless steel, the hardness of the steel used is not announced. Combination pads that complement the steel handle of the multi-purpose tool are made of G10 material. The total weight of the tool, including the transport case and the basic set of replacement bits, does not exceed 544 grams.


The functional set of the Real Avid Gun Tool Max includes an 82 mm knife, pliers (pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters with a replaceable blade), a pair of carbon scrapers, a removable hook, a small removable pin punch, a wrench for adjusting sights, a holder for bit (included 6 double-ended bits), a set of wrenches and a bottle opener.

To date, the Real Avid Gun Tool Max multitool is already available for order both on the company’s website and through the official showcase on the amazon website, the average cost of the tool, excluding shipping, is about 60 US dollars. The multitool comes with a nylon carrying case and a set of replacement bits.


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