Founded by American craftsman Jason Brous, Brous Blades today announced the start of pre-orders for a new version of the Reloader Flipper, a folding everyday knife designed in collaboration with Danish craftsman Mikkel Willumsen. The new version stands out with its more budget-friendly price tag compared to the 2013 base model, thanks to new handle materials..

The new version of the Reloader Flipper Aluminum Edition folding pocket knife is made in the same dimensions and in an absolutely identical style, the tanto-type blade, as before, is made of D2 tool steel, the total hardness of which corresponds to the parameter of 59 units on the HRC scale. To create the original handle, instead of G10 materials and carbon fiber, 6061 aluminum alloy is used, from which both the pads and the spacer are made.


The Reloader Flipper blade can be removed using a flipper or a characteristic through hole, the blade is fixed with a steel Liner-Lock type lock. When opened, the length of the knife does not exceed 210 mm, when closed, the length is slightly more than 120 mm, the length of the blade itself is almost 89 mm, the thickness of the blade on the butt is 3.2 mm, and the maximum thickness of the handle is about 16 mm. The weight of the pocket knife does not exceed 144 grams.


The first batch of Reloader Flipper Aluminum Edition folding pocket knives will be limited to 500 pieces. Today it is already possible to «stand in line» by paying $50, the total cost of the novelty will be almost $170, excluding shipping. There are six pick colors to choose from (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange), as well as three additional blade finishes in addition to the basic satin — Stonewash, Blackout and Acid Stonewash, priced at $190, $200 and $210 respectively.


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