The model of trekking boots Zephyr from the German company LOWA is so diverse that it can be easily called series, the number of variants of different color schemes has certainly exceeded the first decade, and the choice of choosing is avaliable between the low, middle and high models, and with the membrane and without. Due to its attractive design and excellent performance, Zephyr boots became popular among tourists and the military around the world.


The boots LOWA Zephyr MID TF are externally and functionally almost indistinguishable from the boots LOWA Zephyr GTX® HI TF. The original sole of the boots, a three-layer removable insole Climate Control®, and suede and Cordura as main fabrics for the top.


Zephyr boots were specially chosen as the main field shoes for spring, summer and fall as they meet all the necessary criteria. I was looking for lightweight, not high boots, with a protected toe, quick lacing, which will «breathe» right, and also dry quickly. Furthermore, the sole should compensate the impacts when jumping, be elastic and cling at most surfaces.


The last test drive of boots during a six hour raid with additional equipment, weighing about 15 kg in the damp forest with complex relief, has only confirmed a good choice. The boots perfectly protected the ankles from injury during sharp changes of direction and ascent / descent in places up to 70 degrees. A relatively soft sole perfectly coped with any surface, from the damp grass, soil, washed out by the rain to slippery forest paths.


During the stops the boots practically did not hinder the movements, it was quite comfortable to squat, stand on one knee and just sit on the «fifth point» with legs bent in knees, the blood circulates well, and my legs were not getting numb . Along with boots I used multispectral trekking socks from Splav, and despite the dense structure of the socks and the warm season, the legs after the raid remained dry. It is important to accurately select the shoe size, if the size of the boots is picked properly, Zephyr MID TF can be used straight out of the box without the fear to get calluses.

As to the disadvantages, I can distinguish only one: sandy color of LOWA Zephyr MID TF is very easily soiled, especially in the woods. So if one does not have the time or desire for the proper care of the shoes and the general area of ​​using the shoes will be a forest, I advise you to choose completely black or green (foliage). I ordered my shoes on Amazon, the cost was about $200, and the shop staff to choose the right boots size according to the size the insole helped.

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