The first information about the backpack All Hazards Prime Backpack appeared in the end of 2011, in a living form the backpack appeared in public in early 2012, at the exhibition SHOT Show, where it was very well accepted. In the spring each willing person could place an order at the website of 5.11 Tactical or from the company officials. The popular collection of backpacks 5.11 RUSH became the basis for the development of new universal backpack.


There are also fittings from YKK in the backpack. Externally, every zipper in the backpack is made qualitative, painted in matt coating in color with the main material. The sliders of the zippers are broad, and are convenient to manipulate in the gloves. There is also provided a nylon strap with logo 5.11 at each slider. All zippers at the outside are closed on flaps.


I want to start the review of the backpack with its suspension system. To the owners of the RUSH backpacks it will seem very familiar, the design of the straps and back almost fully repeats, except for the use of mesh material in the areas that contact the body. I think the questions about the use of the mesh material should not arise.

Under the net there is a tight elastic foamy material with extra holes for better ventilation, the straps and back are very comfortable, and there is no discomfort when using the loaded backpack all day. The straps do not tinder; do not cut into the shoulders. From the outside side the straps are covered with slings PALS, at the slings there is a fixed chest jumper, which can be moved higher or lower, depending on the physiological needs. All the loose ends of the straps are fixed by elastic rings. The design of the back does not prevent air circulation.

Unfortunately, there is no belt in the backpack, which I really missed during the use of the backpack in the field, in the urban area there was no such need. For those who consider a military backpack without a belt no backpack at all, 5.11 Tactical has provided two special fastening under straps for use of the easy nylon belt of medium width.


In the lower part of the back, and at the bottom of the backpack, there are special drainage holes to allow the water, dust, sand, needles from coniferous trees, etc. quickly leave the backpack after such things get inside. In addition, in the lower part of the back there are sewn two leather elements that don’t give a backpack to slide on your back during walking.

Getting back to the bottom of the backpack, there are four strengthened straps for attaching additional equipment, as well as two special handles which I sometimes used to drag a backpack in the trunk, as well as more reliable retention of the backpack while closing on zipper .


Under the back of the backpack there is a special section on zipper, in which can be easily placed a hydraulic system of 3 liters. Moreover, there one can hide personal documents or even install armor elements. For a more reliable fixing of the hydraulic system there is provided a strap, the hose can be taken out from the left or right side through the hidden holes. Let’s proceed to the sections of the backpack; there are four of them (except the section for hydraulic system): administrative section, a small section for the glasses or electronic devices, as well as the two main large sections of almost the same size. The total volume of the backpack is 32 liters. Before getting to the main sections, I want to stop at a small section on the zipper, which is located near the top of the backpack near the carrying handle. Within the section, there is provided a special lining that resembles fleece material.


Such an arrangement I like more than the same by Venture Pack, which when full backpack is compressed and to put in it something fragile and of more volume is not possible, only a flat phone. Moreover, such an arrangement protects the contents better when on the lying backpack you put something else.


Administrative section is sewn only to the bottom of the backpack, and also with the mesh on the sides, at the top the section is fixed only by the compression straps, an extra pair of which, I think, is missing at the bottom. From the tension of straps depends the distance between the administrative section and the backpack, this space is useful for jackets, sweaters, and other items of clothing, as well as to secure the protective helmet. If the equipment is located on the helmet, for example, a ballistic mask there is provided a special soft lining at the bottom, which protects from scratches.


Administrative section is split into two sections with external access. The first is suitable for a small notebook, papers, CDs and other small items. In the second part, there are provided numerous different elastic pockets of different sizes to sort different things and not, except for the pockets, there are two plastic hooks for fixing the keys.


Next comes the so-called medical section with the original orange lining, and mesh bags. A completely black bag All Hazards Ammo Mule, which is at the photo above, doesn’t come with a backpack and is ordered separately. The bag for carrying ammunition was developed specifically for the backpack to store there a set of magazines. The volume of the bag is enough to store ten magazines of M series. Nylon bag can be carried by the reinforced handles and a shoulder strap. The cost of one such bag is $41.


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