Simultaneously with the combat knife of the Böker Plus M92 series, the popular knife brand Böker Plus at the end of October 2018 will send several new products for free sale, including everyday pocket knives of the Ridge, Exskelibur and Roundhouse series, which was designed by American craftsman Bruce Bingenheimer ). Knives are made of almost identical materials, and differ from each other mainly only in design, overall dimensions and weight..


The blade of all three models is made using D2 tool steel, the hardness of which corresponds to the parameter 59-61 HRC. The Ridge and Exskelibur models use stainless steel and all-black G10 composite material for the handle, while the Roundhouse knives use steel liners and carbon fiber overlays. To fix the pads, small steel torx bolts are used.


To remove the blade in the presented knives, only a flipper is provided, in the Exskelibur version it is of the front type. The Ridge and Exskelibur use a steel Frame-Lock, while the Roundhouse uses a Liner-Lock. The full length of the opened Ridge model is 204 mm, the blade length is 88 mm, the thickness of the blade on the butt is 4 mm, the weight is exactly 112 g. .Folding knife Roundhouse in open form 210 mm, blade length 94 mm, thickness on the butt 3.3 mm, novelty weight 153 g.


At the moment, folding pocket knives of the Ridge, Exskelibur and Roundhouse series are presented in only one design. The manufacturer estimates the Ridge and Exskelibur at 80 euros, and the Roundhouse version at 85 euros, respectively. Free sales of the presented new products should begin after October 26, 2018.

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