At the end of last month, a new headlamp from the Fenix ​​brand was released, the model will be produced under the commercial name Fenix ​​HL60R. This LED flashlight is based on the Fenix ​​HL55 model and stands out for having a microUSB port for battery recharging, enhanced functionality, a brighter LED that is complemented by two low power red LEDs, as well as minor changes in dimensions and overall weight..


The headlamp is made of anodized aluminum, the main LED is protected by a durable thick glass with an anti-reflective coating. The overall dimensions of the flashlight do not exceed 87 mm in length, 46 mm in width and 51 mm in height, the weight of the flashlight without batteries is exactly 121 grams. According to the developers, the body of the new flashlight is able to painlessly withstand a fall onto a hard surface from a height of one meter and immersion in water to a depth of two meters (IPX-8).


The design of the flashlight provides for the main white LED brand Cree XM-L2 T6 with a maximum brightness of 950 lumens and a range of at least 116 meters, and two low-power red LEDs. In total, the new flashlight has six main operating modes: Eco (5 lum., 100 h.), Low (50 lum., 29 h.), Mid (150 lum., 10 h.), High (400 lum., 3 h.), Turbo (950 lum., 0.48 h.) and a separate Red Light mode (1 lum., 100 h.). The device is powered by a single ARB-L18-2600 lithium-ion battery, form factor 18650, which can be charged via the built-in MicroUSB port.


The Fenix ​​HL60R LED headlamp is already available for order both in official dealer stores and through auctions on eBay. The estimated cost of a new flashlight is about $96 per set.

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