British brand ThruDark has recently expanded its clothing collection with two new men’s jackets, the SF Recoil hybrid insulated jacket and the SF RAID utility hardshell jacket. Both novelties were designed by military personnel mainly for military personnel, law enforcement officers and hunters, but can also be relevant for lovers of high-quality and effective products, the design of which was created with a military-tactical bias.


The SF Recoil jacket is made using Italian materials of different densities and textures. The outer material is wind- and water-resistant Gipitex rip-stop nylon, which is complemented by reinforcing panels on the shoulders and special Velcro panels for attaching identifiers. In addition, the back of the jacket is made of a smoother and more breathable material, which is designed to increase overall mobility and increase comfort while using various backpacks. The sleeves, partially the collar into which the hood is folded, and the front part of the torso are insulated with natural down, the density of the insulation is not specified.


The design of the jacket includes a small hood with a visor that folds compactly into a high collar, reinforced shoulder area, profiled sleeves with elastic cuffs, volume adjustments at the bottom edge, front zipper, and four external and two internal pockets. The SF Recoil is currently only available in one color option (Onyx Black) and is priced at £445 before shipping.


The hardshell jacket of the SF RAID series is made primarily from a three-layer waterproof rip-stop material from the Italian brand Majo-Tech Ripper, which consists mainly of hydrophobic polyester fibers with an additional wear-resistant water-repellent treatment. Wind and water resistant YKK Aquaseal zippers are used for the front closure, as well as to protect the pockets.


The design of the jacket includes a voluminous adjustable hood with a visor, a high storm collar and a nose-mouth mask made of fleece with special perforation (hidden in a special niche), profiled sleeves with reinforced shoulder area and adjustable cuffs, a front zipper and a low back with volume adjustments. bottom edge. In addition, the design has four pockets, a Recco rescue system and three Velcro panels, one on each shoulder and one on the hood. The SF RAID Hardshell Protective Jacket is only available in Obsidian Black and is priced at £545.


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