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Camillus Cutlery, which is primarily known for its various knives, recently released two new models of small 15″ and 12″ Tomahawks under the commercial names Sin and Ravenous. Both tools combine a reinforced Zytel nylon handle with a 440A stainless steel ax head., which is made using proprietary Titanium Bonded technology. New items have already started appearing in some major online stores.


Total ax length Ravenous Tomahawk (CM19173) reaches almost 305 mm, the length of the cutting edge is about 67 mm, the length of the tip on the butt is not more than 45 mm. The approximate total weight of the ax with scabbard does not exceed 160 grams. The scabbard of the ax is made of dense black ballistic nylon. The recommended retail price is within $48, official dealers offer a kit for $30.

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Length of the new tomahawk Sin Tomahawk equals almost 381 mm, the total length of the cutting edge is 102 mm, the length of the tip on the butt is about 50 mm. The ax handle is additionally wrapped with 550 paracord with a total length of 5.6 meters. The weight of the ax with a scabbard made of ballistic nylon does not exceed 182 grams. The novelty is estimated by the manufacturer at 58 US dollars, in some stores you can already meet it for 35 dollars, excluding delivery.

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