For this autumn-winter season, Sitka Gear has continued to develop a new insulated series of clothing and equipment for hunting Aerolite. Following the previously introduced Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag and Kelvin Aerolite Jacket/Vest jackets, the manufacturer has now launched three more kits designed for hunting in distinctive weather conditions and for a variety of hunting objects..


The kits presented were commercially named Blizzard Aerolite Parka/Bib Pant, Incinerator Aerolite Jacket/Bip and Boreal Aerolite Jacket/Bib Pant. Each set consists of a jacket and dungarees, which are made in one choice of camouflage, taking into account the field of application — these are Optifade Open Country, Optifade Elevated II and Optifade Waterfowl Marsh, respectively.


For the manufacture of kits, a two-layer membrane material of the Gore-Tex brand is mainly used, which provides an outer protective layer of waterproof and «silent» polyester. PrimaLoft Gold insulation with Cross Core technology is used as a heat-insulating filler, which is based on polyester fibers filled with Aerogel synthetic material.


Elements of the presented kits are sold separately. For example, the Incinerator Aerolite and Boreal Aerolite jackets and dungarees are priced at $649, while the Blizzard Aerolite Parka and Blizzard Aerolite Bib Pant are priced at $749 and $699, respectively.


  • Sitka Gear has launched a new lightweight and compact hardshell set, the Dew Point System, consisting of the Dew Point Jacket and Dew Point Pant.
  • Sitka Gear published a video in which they presented a protective set of Nodak System membrane hardshell clothing, designed for hunting in winter conditions.
  • KUIU has released a new generation of universal hardshell kit Chugach, the novelty is called Chugach TR.

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