SOG Specialty Knives & Tools (SOG) has recently expanded its SOG Terminus series of everyday knives, which was introduced last year, with the new SOG Terminus XR model. The novelty differs both in appearance and materials, and in general functionality, including a new push-button mechanism for fixing the blade, called the SOG XR.

In the new version, instead of CTS BD1 steel, the CTS BDZ1 grade is used, which is also characterized as high-quality and wear-resistant steel with high corrosion-resistant properties. The hardness of the steel used is declared at the level of 60-62 units on the HRC scale. The knife handle is crafted using steel liners, a G10 spacer and textured grips that are made from a combination of G10 material and carbon polymer.


The spring-loaded blade of the SOG Terminus XR model can be removed in three ways, using a flipper, regular pegs, or by unlocking the SOG XR push-button lock. The total length of the open knife is slightly more than 183 mm, when closed, the length is about 108 mm, the blade length is almost 75 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 2.5 mm, the weight of the knife is almost 91 grams.


The new model of the SOG Terminus XR folding knife is already available for order through the manufacturer’s official store, the recommended retail price is set at $80.

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