The Gerber Gear brand, in addition to the new Empower collection of everyday folding knives, plans to launch two series of utility fixed-blade work knives, which are designed primarily for hiking, in the near future. The novelties, which are made in the same style, are made in China, and are characterized by the manufacturer as versatile and durable budget knives for outdoors, will receive the commercial name Gerber Spine and Gerber Vertebrae.

Gerber Spine and Gerber Vertebrae knives are made in the same style and from identical materials, the main difference is only in size. To create a full-tail ground blade, both versions use Chinese 7Cr13 stainless steel, the hardness of which usually does not exceed 56-57 HRC. Reinforced polymer is used to make textured handle grips, the grips are fixed with rivets and glue.


The total length of the Gerber Spine version is at least 214 mm, the length of the handle is about 120 mm, the length of the blade itself is almost 94 mm. The Gerber Vertebrae knife reaches a total length of 163 mm, the handle length is only 102 mm, and the maximum blade length is no more than 61 mm. The knives are equipped with a profiled scabbard made of glass-reinforced nylon, which is complemented by an enlarged steel clip for the possibility of convenient fixation of the knife over the unloading belt of the hiking backpack.


The knives of the Gerber Spine and Gerber Vertebrae series are already announced in two color options (Sage Green, Cyan) and are priced by the manufacturer within 35 and 30 dollars, respectively. Free sales of the presented models should start closer to mid-June 2018. >

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