Along with the already introduced knives, including the Gerber Spine fixed blade models and the Gerber Kettlebell series of folding knives, Gerber Gear is preparing to introduce two new multi-tools in the near future. A new generation of the Suspension model was announced, the Gerber Suspension NXT multitool and a completely new tool under the commercial name Gerber Truss.

Compared to the base model, the Gerber Suspension NXT multi-tool has been redesigned in appearance and supplemented with new tools. The tool in the arsenal provides for at least 15 functions, including multifunctional pliers, a 57 mm knife with a partially serrated blade, a file, scissors, an awl, a braiding knife, a ruler, a can opener, a bottle opener and several screwdrivers for a straight and Phillips slot. The length of the tool when folded is almost 108 mm, weight is about 190 grams.

The Gerber Truss foldable pocket multitool has a whopping 17 functions, the tool provides all the elements of the Suspension NXT version, plus an additional blade with a straight sharpening of 57 mm and a folding saw for wood. Pliers also include pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and a universal toothed clamp. When folded, the multitool reaches the same 108 mm, while the weight of the tool, excluding the weight of the included case, is 238 grams.


It is expected that the presented multi-tools will go on free sale at the beginning of this summer. The recommended retail price for the Gerber Suspension NXT and Gerber Truss models is between $30 and $40. >

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