Digital wristwatch Suunto Core from the world-famous Finnish company Suunto can often be noticed on the hands of professional sportsmen, tourists, military consultants, and so on, willy-nilly, one wonders why they choose them and for what purposes. We have received a few emails with requests to write a review about the wristwatch and express our opinion, unfortunately my acquaintance with the wristwatch is quite superficial for now, and I haven’t tested it to the fullest.


I will start my review of the Suunto Core All Black wristwatch with the box. The wristwatch comes in a black box with a transparent top, which was a bit surprising for me after a solid metal packaging of the Casio G-Shock Hyper Complex wristwatch. Inside the box there is another one, but white and with logo, where the wristwatch is fixed. The watch comes with a few included brochures and manuals in various languages, including Russian, two-year warranty and a discount card.


Waterproof casing and wristlet of Suunto Core All Black wristwatch weighing 63 grams are made from matte black plastic, except for the rotating ring (bezel) with notches that is glossy black. The diameter of the plastic casing of the wristwatch is 50 mm (as the owner of a 51 mm diameter wristwatch, I can assure you that the watch will definitely strike the passersby, and at the beginning also the owner), the thickness is not more than 12 mm. On each side of the casing there are five relief buttons that can be operated while staying under water.

Information at the large LCD screen, under the mineral glass is read well enough, but adding a little more contrast would not hurt, the lack of which is felt especially in the sunny weather, by the way the brighter backlight would be good too. The information on the screen of the wristwatch is displayed in four rows, the upper auxiliary row, the second row, which is the central and most-readable and largest, the third row displays the turned off mode, and the fourth row displays additional information that varies depending on the selected mode. At the edge of the display there moves the second hand (time marker), which also acts as a directional arrow in the compass mode.


Let’s proceed directly to the functions of wristwatch, because of its functions the wristwatch was chosen by Travis Haley and Chris Costa. Besides basic functions that are in most sports wristwatches, at the display of Suunto Core there are three more modes — Time, Alti & Baro and Compass. When the Time mode is enabled, which makes it clear that it is primarily wristwatch and not the Boeing on-board computer, the display shows the current time in 12-hour or 24-hour format, in the fourth lowest row you can adjust the simultaneous display of date, seconds, time of sunrise and sunset, and the time in another selected time zone.


In Compass mode, everything is quite simple, the arrow on the edge of the display, which I mentioned above, points to the north (North), in the center of the display shows the deviation from the north in degrees from the mark in the shape of a triangle. In the lower row, you can adjust the display of the current time or the side of the world. To save the battery power, the compass turns off automatically after a few seconds.


Moreover, the wristwatch has Alti & Baro (altimeter and barometer), in this mode, the watch informs the owner about the current height (-500 m to 9,000 m), the level of atmospheric pressure (from 300 to 1100 gPa, where 1 gPa is equal to 0.03 d.rt. st.), the current air temperature (-20 ° C to +60 ° C), which is lying a bit if we measure the temperature without removing the wristwatch from hand, we can solve the problem by wearing something like wristlets under the wristwatch. The data obtained from the barometer is displayed on the chart, by which one can predict the future weather, moreover, with the help of the data from barometer there works the storm warning signal that tells about the rapid changes in atmospheric pressure indicator.

Functional of the wristwatch allows you to record the indicators in the so-called — the journal (log), there will be sequentially recorded the entries of height changes or the barometer.

For me it was a surprise to find in the list of functions — depth gauge, I had not previously heard about this function in this wristwatch. And I understand why I have not heard about it before — in watches with watertightness to 30 meters, the depth gauge function works up to 10 meters.

Such an abundance of functions has its negative consequences for the battery of the watch, by the reviews of the owners, with the active use of the watch the battery CR2032 (tablet) will be enough from 9 to 12 months.

By its appearance the watch gives the passersby understand that their owner leads an active lifestyle, whether he is at the grocery counter, signs contracts with customers for the purchase of «Iskandar», is welding the beer tun, or just delivers mail.

Sports wristwatch Suunto Core All Black were provided for the review by the official dealer of brand watches Suunto — by WatchSport company, the price of the watch in the store is $505. In addition to all-black model one can choose one from the six models in different colors, as well as buy the required accessories.

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