Nearly one month ago, we obtained the newest softshell mail pants with a long commercial name Extreme Stretch Pants with Kevlar Insert (D5 ES Pants KI) that is a product of Italian company Defcon 5 to make our test review. The first model presentation was at the show-room of exhibition IWA Outdoor Classics 2015. Manufacturer declares this product as a comfortable, light, well-ventilated and elastic pants with sufficient strength for effective using in the field during usual campaigns, and also in period of trainings at the shooting range.

I’ve received trousers D5 ES Pants KI in M ​​(Medium) size, which is my standard size, considering my height of 1.85 meter and a weight of about 85-87 kg. In fact, pants were small, in spite they had buttoned and height had been almost perfect, they looked like «leggings», with the main «compressing» discomfort that was only in the knee zone, at the places of the reinforcing pads. At the same time on a man (look a picture) with almost the same height, but about 60 kilos weight, the trousers look so so. Upon a special inquiry, the manufacturer has confirmed that the pants really have been designed preferably for lean users.

The following label pants are actually produced in Italy. The elastic blending softshell cloth was used as the basic fabric. According to its outside state and personal feelings it resembles the textile that was used for trekking pants Marmot Highland Pant. The material composition consists of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. Probably, fabric is treated with water-repellent, water drops have rolled down without stopping and leaving traces. The reinforcing «kevlar» pads at sciatic area, knees and the neck of the main pockets are made of a dense blending material, which includes of 90% polyester fibers, 7% elastane and 3% aramid fiber.


Now a few words about mentioned fabrics before directly go to the fashion description of reviewed trousers D5 ES Pants KI. The base cloth really is good stretching, it doesn’t produce a «greenhouse effect» and is pleasant to touch. Pants water-repellent covering is at the high level, but its behave after washings has not been tested yet.

The main and last problem of using the D5 ES Pants KI, were Kevlar pads. Due to its piled exterior structure there are hooks made by bushes and coniferous needles at pads surface, moreover, hooks had began to shape almost immediately. As a result, it certainly leads to a quick loosing of external look, it would be operated much better with a smooth material, even with the same one or close to the basic fabric (it’s possible to order this version — Defcon 5 Extreme Stretch Pants too).

The trousers design provides flexible rubbering waist band, belt keepers up to 5 cm of width, zipper fastener, metal button and a safety plastic button. Sciatic area and knees are reinforced, knees area has a shaped cut. Totally there are six pockets, all of them are jetted pockets, including that ones which are at a thigh; pockets compartments can be closed on the buckle zipper, which slider lock is complemented by a loop to hold it easily. Pocket stay is done of an elastic base material. The neck of main pockets is partially reinforced by «Kevlar» material that allows to use equipment with a clip.


The general quality of manufacturing D5 ES Pants KI trousers is above average, if do not take into account the hooks on the kevlar plates and threads sticking out in several places, there are no items to find fault of them. The only questionable thing is the origin of zippers and, respectively, their strength, the only mark «MECA» is at their buckle.

Today pants of Defcon 5 Extreme Stretch Pants with Kevlar Insert are offered in four variants of monochromatic colors except brown (Coyote Brown), also they are supplied in full black, gray and dark-olive color versions. In parallel to the presented model, the manufacturer also offers a basic version without Kevlar pads, it’s Defcon 5 Extreme Stretch Pants. Retail price of trouser starts of 95 euros.

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