Series of backpacks 5.11 RUSH, is probably the most recognizable and widely used production of the company 5.11 Tactical. To date, the series consists of two shoulder bags 5.11 MOAB and three backpacks. The number in the name of the backpack indicated the recommended time of use of the item, RUSH 12 is perfect for the role of a backpack for daily use, and RUSH 24 Backpack is designed for trips lasting no more than a day. RUSH 72 Backpack is considered to be a full three-day backpack (72 hours), the largest backpack in the series, and the biggest backpack, which is offered by 5.11 Tactical.


For quite a long existence since 2007, the entire model range kept abreast with the times and went through a few «cosmetic» improvements, changes concerned suspension system of the backpack, the back design, the addition of some fixing elements, in general 5.11 listened carefully to the requests of their customers and tried to satisfy their needs. I am sure that these changes are not the last, especially after the release of the backpack All Hazards Prime Backpack.


In recent months I am using 5.11 RUSH 72 backpack as a major field backpack for the transportation of all the necessary equipment at the shooting ground. The item pleases with its capacity, well thought out and a number of different sections, advanced suspension system and the strength of the elements. Despite its rather large appearance, the backpack fits perfectly to the back and does not cause discomfort during extended use. Backpack has the volume of 43 liters, made of nylon with density 1050 denier, the density of interior sections — 210 denier; the nylon is covered with double water-repellent polyurethane coating PUx2. All zippers are from YKK, and the plastic fittings are made by UTX-Duraflex.


Suspension system of the backpack is very similar to the system of the recently released All Hazards Prime Backpack (AHPB), but has some key differences. The presence of the platform belt, which, if necessary, may hide in the pockets provided, is one of the key differences. The design and selection of materials for the back and shoulder straps in AHPB I liked much more, namely the use of mesh material and denser and hard foam material. Moreover, it would be nice to be able to completely remove the belt or use your own, which is possible in 5.11 TRIAB 18 backpack. I hope these changes will affect future versions of RUSH backpacks.


In all other respects, the design of suspension system of 5.11 RUSH 72 backpack is very successful, well-distributes the weight, straps do not cut into shoulders and are not twisted, plastic accessories allows you to quickly adjust the backpack without removing it. All the loose ends of the straps are fixed elastic rings. The chest jumper may be adjusted by the height or removed. Four-zone back tightly fits to the back; its design does not interfere with air circulation. Two thick rubber elements in the lower part of the back prevent slip of the backpack on the clothes from side to side during the movement.


Below and at the bottom of the backpack there are three drainage grommets, two for the main section, and one for the section under the hydraulic system. Moreover, at the bottom there are four nylon straps for attaching additional equipment. Between the back and the main section there is located the section for the hydraulic system that closes on the bilateral zipper. Three-liter hydraulic system hides with no problems, there is a hose clamp, as well as opening for the hose in the main section, with the consequent possibility of outputting it out through one of two special holes in the reinforced carry handles. Moreover, this section has access to a solid plastic panel with aluminum insert that forms the back of the backpack; the panel can be removed if necessary.

From the outside at the perimeter of the main section there are four further zipper sections. One slight section near the top of the carrying handle, the lining of the section is made of soft material, which resembles fleece. This section I use for phone or camera, I do not risk to put my glasses there, as it lacks the rigidity like AHPB.

On the top at the front of the backpack there is another small section (pocket), with two rows of PALS straps and Velcro panel for attaching ID. Inside there are two pockets, dense nylon, mesh, and zippered. This section is mainly used for small tools, keys, gloves, etc.

On each side of the backpack there are located roominess sections on zipper. This is the best design of the side sections of the backpack. Very comfortable location, the zipper runs almost the entire length, you can use a small hydraulic system, water bottle, or as a regular section with two pockets inside. From the outside the sections are covered with four rows of standard sling PALS, with sections from 3 to 5.

Let’s go to the big main section of the backpack. Section is sewn only on the bottom of the backpack, mesh sewn on the sides, which is mainly used to prevent falling out of things that are located between the admin and the main sections. At the top and bottom it is additionally fixed with compression straps. The manufacturer placed two C-shaped rings on the front of the main section, rings provide additional fixing of the straps and will prevent a sharp «fall» of the loaded sections while unzipping the straps. Adjustable space which is formed between the admin and the main section lets you fix the helmet, jacket, sleeping bag, karemat, etc. Unfortunately, there is no special soft pad between the sections, which I have really liked at AHPB.


Admin section is closed on both sides by zipper, inside there are placed nine pockets of different sizes, no laces to fix the little things and three small pockets for pens and markers. The pockets are positioned well, allow you to comfortably spread a variety of small items, such as radio stations, ammunition, documents, various necessary tools, spare batteries, etc. It is important to pack and distribute the weight of the contents, for example, if you overload his heavy equipment or shed pouches on external sling PALS, to move with a backpack on uneven terrain will not be easy, as it will be inconvenient to open and close the main section.


Main section is also closed on bilateral zipper, opens fully allowing you to quickly pack up and remove the contents. On the top there are three roomy zippered pockets, the upper mesh pocket made as cross cutting. Inside the backpack there are two large pockets, mesh zippered pocket and a large waterproof, which can serve for a laptop, papers, various items of equipment, or clothing, or pneumatic weapon.

In general, the 5.11 RUSH 72 backpack has excellent functionality, a variety of pockets that fit harmoniously into the design. Suitable for camping trips, long trips and just carry the necessary equipment at the shooting range with a comfortable organization of content. Backpack is available in green (TAC OD), sand (Sandstone), black and light brown (Flat Dark Earth) color. When ordering 5.11 RUSH 72, the cost was $206.

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