The American company Timberland continued its cooperation with the well-known brand Cordura and released several new products in the categories of clothing, footwear and equipment. The shoe collection has been replenished with an updated model of the classic Euro Hiker Cordura hiking boots, which are currently offered in two color options, and unlike last year’s version, the design of the new boots does not use leather at all.


The Euro Hiker Cordura upper is made entirely of nylon Cordura material, a combination of durable materials of different weights and weaves. To protect the shoes and feet, it also uses a rubber welt located on the bottom edge of the boots, which is made up of 34% recycled components. The inside of the boot has a smooth and sweat-wicking mesh. To provide the necessary ankle support, inserts made of flexible adaptive foam are used in the tongue-valve and the neck.

The sole of the Euro Hiker Cordura hiking boots has a multi-component structure. The sole consists of a supportive arch support with a dense underlay, which is complemented by an anatomical foam insole, an intermediate shock-absorbing layer of EVA foam, and a layer of wear-resistant outsole of its own brand. The tread pattern is characterized as universal, suitable for both rough terrain and urban conditions with artificial turf.


Timberland is offering a new version of the Euro Hiker Cordura boot in only two solid colors (Black Ripstop, Olive Ripstop) for now, the boot is priced at $100 excluding shipping.

  • Timberland has released several new ranges of hiking boots for the fall season, which are made from natural and recycled raw materials.

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