Timberland recently introduced about a dozen new products in the footwear category, including a new lightweight hiking shoe called the Tuckerman Low Hiking Shoes, which is available in three styles and is men’s only. The manufacturer will highlight the novelty as lightweight and well-ventilated hiking shoes, which are based on Aerocore and AirPath technologies..


The upper part of the sneaker is made by combining various synthetic materials with a reinforcing overlay made of genuine leather. The front is made of reinforced and well ventilated nylon, the toe is reinforced with a polyurethane overlay, and the neck is made of a denser nylon with a flexible foam insert. Inside, microfiber is used as a lining, which is part of the AirPath system, which also includes ventilation valves near the heel and a perforated anatomical insole.


The sole of the Tuckerman Low Hiking Shoes series is based on Aerocore technology, which is based on an intermediate shock-absorbing layer of polyurethane foam. According to the manufacturer, this layer has high wear resistance, and also has high rates of compensation for vertical loads. The outsole is made from a TPU blend with a versatile tread pattern.


The new Timberland Tuckerman Low Hiking Shoes are currently available in three finishes (Black Leather/Tan Mesh, Olive Leather/Mesh, Medium Brown Leather/Mesh). The recommended retail price is set by the manufacturer at $120.

  • Timberland has released several new ranges of hiking boots for the fall season, which are made from natural and recycled raw materials.

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