This week, Nitecore introduced a new series of ultra-bright TM39 LED lights, which will be part of the Tiny Monster Series. The new search series includes two models at once TM39 (276 x 90 mm, 1.36 kg) and TM39 Lite (195 x 90 mm, 0.86 kg), which differ from each other in the power source and, accordingly, in overall dimensions, while the maximum brightness of both models is the same and is not less than 5200 lumens (562500 candela).


Both versions of the flashlights, which include a large radiator, are made in a durable and sealed case (IP68) made of aluminum alloy with a completely black anodized finish. The LED is protected by tempered glass and complemented by an SMO reflector and a PDOT (Precision Digital Optics Technology) optical system. The lamp is controlled by two mechanical buttons on the side.


The TM39 model is powered by an NBP68HD (3.7V, 98Wh) battery pack that can be charged directly from the mains via the included power supply, while the TM39 Lite uses four 18650 batteries (recommended to use NL1835HP, not supplied). The battery charge level is displayed on a special OLED display directly next to the node with mechanical control buttons.


Inside the TM39 models, a bright white LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED brand is installed with a maximum declared brightness of 5200 lumens, an intensity of at least 562500 candela and a light beam range of about 1500 meters. The TM39/TM39 Lite models work in seven modes, including SOS, Strobe, Beacon, with the same level of brightness and intensity, but with different duration. Brightness modes are divided into Turbo (52000lm, 1500m, 1.5h/0.75h), High (2000lm, 950m, 4h/2h), Mid (800lm, 600m, 10h/5h) and Low (200lm, 300m, 36h/20h).


Free sales models of new models of ultra-bright LED lights TM39 and TM39 Lite should start next month, the future cost of the presented new products will be almost 500 and 400 dollars, respectively.

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