Following the recently released TOPS Hazen Legion 6.0 field knife, US brand TOPS Knives has released a new military tactical knife called the TOPS Desert Nomad. In the presented novelty, the manufacturer highlights both the versatile and durable design and the type of materials used to create a full-tail blade and handle..


The blade of the TOPS Desert Nomad is made using 440C stainless steel with cryogenic treatment, using a similar grade for TOPS Knives is a rarity, the hardness of the steel is stated in the range of 58-60 HRC. The handle is formed by an aluminum guard and two textured grips made of G10 material; standard hex bolts are used to fix the grips.


The length of the knife is slightly more than 298 mm, the length of the blade, which can be ordered partially with serrated sharpening, is at least 165 mm, the length of the cutting edge itself is not more than 142 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is almost 4.83 mm. The total weight of the TOPS Desert Nomad knife with a thick leather sheath is 453 grams, the weight of the knife alone is 306 grams.


The rearranged knife TOPS Desert Nomad is already available for order on the manufacturer’s website, at the moment the novelty is priced at $176.

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