American brand Vargo Outdoors, which is well known for its original titanium hiking and camping gear, recently expanded its range with a new durable and reusable titanium alloy coffee filter. The product is called Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee Filter, and is designed to effectively capture coffee grounds, or tea leaves, in field conditions..

The durable reusable filter features a wide mouth, a foldable holder bracket, three adjustable supports for various camping mugs and bowls, as well as a double mesh with washing cells. All filter elements are made exclusively of titanium. The overall dimensions of the novelty do not exceed 71 mm in length and 87 mm in diameter, the weight of the filter is only 36 grams.


The presented titanium coffee filter Vargo Titanium Travel Coffee Filter is already available for order through the official online store of the manufacturer, and will also appear in the branded showcase on amazon in the near future. The recommended retail price is set at $50.


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