The American shoe company Vasque, which mainly specializes in various outdoor shoes, has released a new line of lightweight and well-ventilated slip-ons for everyday wear and camping in the summer. The line is called Satoru Moc, and is offered in several color options, both in men’s and women’s styles..


The upper part of the new slip-ons is made of a thin and elastic material, only 0.6 mm thick, based on a hydrophobic polyester fiber with a polyurethane coating. The heel is additionally molded with a flexible TPU overlay. Inside there is no lining, only a profiled anatomical insole made of polyurethane and a thin layer of sweat-wicking fabric.


The sole of the Satoru Moc slip-ons is based on the Vasque Moc TPU blended outsole, which is complemented by a wide layer of shock-absorbing ATC (All Terrain Compound) foam. The difference between the heel and toe is absent, or equal to 0 mm. The average weight of a male pair does not exceed 320 grams, the female version weighs about 252 grams.


The Vasque Satoru Moc men’s slip-ons are available in three color combinations, namely Ebony, Dragonfly and Capulet Olive. The recommended retail price of the novelty is about 100 US dollars, excluding shipping costs. It is already possible to place an order through the official website of the Vasque brand.

  • Cat Footwear has launched a range of casual slip-ons called Crossover, which features a quick-change outsole.

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