Earlier this week, Vibram FiveFingers (VFF), a brand that specializes in lightweight, low-profile natural running shoes, launched a new series called V-Aqua on the market. According to the developers, the FiveFingers V-Aqua series sports shoes were developed for effective use both on land and in water, and are perfect for triathlon, surfing, kayaking and any other outdoor activity where an optimal level of foot protection from possible mechanical damage is required. and good grip on various wet surfaces.


The upper of the new FiveFingers V-Aqua sneakers is made of a lightweight and moderately elastic blended fabric, which is 50% natural wool, for basic thermal control, and provides the necessary compressive support, protection against debris and sand, has hydrophobic properties and dries quickly when getting wet. Inside the sneakers, a 2 mm insole is used from a thin layer of sweat-wicking fabric and a shock-absorbing layer of perforated foam.


The thin and flexible sole of the FiveFingers V-Aqua is formed by the Vibram Megagrip thermopolyurethane blend material, which has high wear-resistant and tenacious properties. The maximum thickness of the sole is only 3.7 mm. The sneaker uses a water-wicking tread pattern, the spikes are complemented by small drainage holes. The weight of a men’s pair of sneakers in the average size is no more than 276 grams.


The Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua ultra-light athletic shoe is now available in both men’s and women’s versions, comes in two colors to choose from, and is priced at $90 from the manufacturer.


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