An almost five-minute video instruction for the ProTrek PRW-6000 series multifunctional wristwatches has been published on the official youtube channel of the Japanese company Casio. The video shows in detail the main functionality of the product, as well as their adjustment and applications, including functions such as an electronic compass, altimeter and barometer.

The first watch models of the ProTrek PRW-6000 series were introduced in 2014, which were later repeatedly supplemented with new design options, including versions for hunters (PRW-6000SG-3JR). The watch features a combination predominantly polymer case (57.9 x 52.1 x 12.8 mm, 73 g), mineral glass, a polyurethane strap, basic features including Tough Solar and MultiBand 6, and a Triple Sensor v3 sensor system. Average prices for models in this series start at $400.

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