The Polish company Helikon-Tex this week published a short video with the presentation of the second generation of its SFU Next military tactical trousers, the first version of which went on sale back in 2014. We already briefly wrote about the SFU Next MK2 version in our separate collection for January, the novelty is part of the SFU (Special Forces Uniform) kit, which also includes a tunic, combat shirt and several headgear.


The second generation of SFU Next military tactical trousers has been updated both externally, becoming more low-profile and profiled, and in the materials used. Instead of the usual twill/rip-stop blend (60% cotton, 40% polyester), rip-stop material is now used, which includes up to 48% cotton, 50% polyester and 2% elastane, and the density of the material itself is not less than 220 g/m2.


At this stage, the new Helikon-Tex SFU Next MK2 military tactical pants are available in three color options, including the popular US M81 Woodland camo. The recommended retail price does not exceed 45 euros. It is possible to place an order directly on the manufacturer’s website.

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