The Slovenian manufacturer of military tactical uniforms, trademark UF PRO (UNI-FORMA), posted a short video on its channel in which Armin Wagner clearly demonstrated the key differences between the brand’s main tactical trousers, models of the Striker XT Gen.2 Combat series Pants and Striker HT Combat Pants.

As you know, the Striker HT Combat Pants model was introduced back in 2015, and was created, based on the first generation Striker XT, directly for use in hot climates. The Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants version was introduced in the summer of 2016 as part of the new Striker XT Gen.2 BDU military tactical kit. The Striker HT version differs mainly in the presence of additional ventilation flaps, as well as the design of adjustments along the bottom edge.

Today, military tactical trousers Striker XT Gen.2 Combat Pants and Striker HT Combat Pants are available in different colors, including popular camouflage patterns. The pants have a base MSRP of around €169 and €189 respectively.

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