A video has been published on the official youtube channel of the Kifaru International trademark, in which a representative of the brand demonstrates various options for attaching long-barreled weapons to a backpack and their features. Mounting options sections for permanent and temporary configurations, as well as configurations with normal and quick access to weapons.


Weapons are attached to both regular elements of the backpack and various accessories that are sold separately, including various belt pouches, additional compression straps, in particular the K-Clip Compression Kit, and the Sherman Pocket.

  • Kifaru International has published a video instruction, which clearly showed the process of self-waterproofing the connecting seams of an awning, or tent.
  • Kifaru International has posted a short video demonstrating the installation process of one of their Supertarp tents.
  • Kifaru International has published a video in which Aron Snyder shows off the features of two new Dall and Gnargalli expedition packs.

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