The other day, the Benchmade knife brand published on its official youtube channel an almost six-minute video with the presentation of a new series of tactical knives 390 SOCP, which were developed by instructor Greg Thomson and named after the SOCP program of the same name (Special Operations Combatives Program). There are currently three models in the series — 390BK SOCP, 390SBK SOCP and 390T SOCP. The first two differ only in the presence or absence of serrated sharpening, the latter is a training knife.

The blade of folding knives of the 390 SOCP series is made of D2 tool steel with an additional black DLC coating, the hardness of the steel is declared by the manufacturer within 60-62 HRC. The knife handle is crafted with steel liners, polymer spacer and textured G10 overlays. The blade is removed with the help of a «tablet» and fixed with a Liner-Lock type lock. The total length of the open knife is almost 258 mm, the folded length is 144 mm, the blade length is 114 mm, the maximum thickness on the butt is 3.7 mm, and the weight does not exceed 131 grams.

The basic version of the Benchmade 390BK SOCP folding pocket knife and the partially serrated Benchmade 390SBK SOCP version are priced at $210.

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