The Gerber Gear brand recently released a short presentation video in which a company representative demonstrated a new small camping ax under the commercial name Gerber Pack Hatchet. Among the main advantages of the novelty, the manufacturer highlights the small overall dimensions, light weight, as well as a durable, ergonomic and versatile design..

The ax of the Gerber Pack Hatchet series provides for a one-piece full-tail design, the head is made of stainless steel, the steel grade is not specified by the manufacturer, the cutting edge is protected by a universal nylon sheath. To create a comfortable and non-slip handle, a one-piece overlay of combined rubber is used. The total length of the ax is only 241 mm, the length of the cutting edge is about 89 mm, the weight of the product is 695 grams.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet is available in two finishes (Flat Sage, Coyote Brown) with a suggested retail price of $33.

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