Knife brand Gerber Gear this week posted on its youtube channel a short video presentation of their relatively new pocket multitool Gerber Mullet, which was designed as a versatile and durable keychain. The multi-tool keychain is made from a single piece of stainless steel and combines 11 functions..

Among the basic functions of the multitool, a bottle opener, a scraper-knife, a crowbar, a nail puller, a crowbar, a wire cutter, a carabiner clip for wearing on a trouser pocket or on a belt, as well as a key ring, a hex wrench and several screwdrivers. The total length of the key fob is just over 76 mm, the maximum width is 19 mm, and the total weight is only 20 grams.

The Gerber Mullet Keychain Multi-Tool is available in two designs and is priced at $10. It is possible to place an order both on the manufacturer’s website and through the official showcase on amazon.

  • Gerber Gear is launching a new full-size Dual-Force multitool based on the popular Center-Drive line.

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