The knife company SOG (SOG Specialty Knives & Tools) has published a short video with the presentation of the new Aegis AT pocket knife, which was created specifically for outdoor use, retaining the basic profile and dimensions of the Aegis collection of knives. According to the manufacturer, the knife was designed as light as possible, compact and double-sided, and with sufficient functionality for comfortable use in field conditions..


Similar to the Flash AT and Trident AT versions, the SOG Aegis AT features a 79.5mm overall blade length of 3mm D2 tool steel with additional cryogenic treatment. The 127mm combo handle, which features an XR Lock with Safety 2.0 lock, a wide lanyard attachment and a double-ended circuit clip, is made from steel liners and glass fiber reinforced polymer. The total length of the opened knife is almost 207 mm, the total weight of the knife is 146 grams.


At the moment, the SOG Aegis AT knife is already available in two design options, but with only one geometry and blade sharpening option. The recommended retail price is set by the manufacturer within 85 US dollars. It is possible to order a knife, including through the official website of the manufacturer.

Name SOG Aegis AT
Blade materials D2
Handle materials Steel/GRN
Full length 206.8 mm
Handle length 127.3 mm
Blade length 79.5 mm
Blade thickness 3 mm
The weight 146 g
lock type SOG XR Lock
MSRP $84.95

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